I Am Michael Blake

And I Would Like To Be Your Next Okanogan County Sheriff

I want to build on the great things we have done and I feel that I have the tools necessary for the task.

Experienced: I have a strong mix of administrative and law enforcement experience. I have accomplished many things in my 22 years of law enforcement, 14 years as the Mayor of Okanogan and many years of volunteer service. I have always felt it is important to give back to my community, which I talk about in more detail here.

Community Partner: As Sheriff, I will be a strong partner with the citizens and organizations of the county. I intend to work with various groups and programs. Some of the programs I intend to develop and promote, such as block watch will create a conduit for the public to provide information to the Sheriff’s Office. Programs like this allow us to build relationships with community members and receive the intelligence we need to be responsive to community needs. I will create strong partnerships with our Sheriff’s Office programs and the public or other agencies as appropriate. I place a high value on programs like Search and Rescue, Reserves or Posse, SRT (SWAT), Honor Guard, K-9, Block Watch, Task Force and others as they strengthen our bond with the community, provide us all with more resources and a better way to serve our community.

Pro Second Amendment: I strongly support the Second Amendment. With the support of Sheriff Frank Rogers, I developed and promoted a program to teach firearms safety and self defense to the public. I believe the right to safely defend yourself is innate, and as such I will ensure that the sheriff’s office continues to provide these classes to the public. Classes I have developed and instructed, include: Firearm Safety, Senior Home and Financial Security, Self Defense Awareness for Women, Active Shooter Response or Workplace Assault Response, and Home Defense and the Law. All of which I have personally instructed within the county. You as citizens deserve to have the training and information we have, brought to you.